Today is Denim Friday in Dowdy-land

Demin Friday is more or less what you think it is. It’s not quite “jeans Friday”. It is the only day one can wear denim. No denim skirts, no denim blazers, no denim trousers are allowed on any other day. Rumor has it that the minions were once required to pay a $5 fee (allegedly donated to charity) for the privilege of participating in this noble endeavor.

It’s hot today so I am wearing what could be described as a subtly tie-dyed cotton skirt and fluffy/girly t-shirt and awful low heeled “work” sandals from 1999. I do a lot of 90s recycling here.

As I was walking in, I was extremely jealous. I saw a woman in cut off sweats, a hoodie style t-shirt and wedge flip-flops! I want to wear wedge flip-flops again! VERY BADLY! I would NEVER wear cut off sweats, even though my beloved former place of techtertainment employment had no dress code – although these were oddly neat and well-fitting. However, I am tired of only being able to wear clothes that kind of say “me” on Friday or at least “2013 me with a dash of 1999 still forced to wear business casual me”


Turquoise liner FAIL

I got a navy eyeko liner from birchbox. I loved it, so I ordered an olive and a turquoise liner as well. I’m a mutt, weird colors look good on me.

The olive was as fantabulous as the navy: sweat proof, humidity proof, smudge proof but easy to remove.

I tried the turquoise today: EPIC FAIL. It’s only 9am and it looks like this.



I am not amused – thankfully a girl scout is always prepared and I have Aquaphor in my desk drawer.  Mascara and no liner Friday it is!

Adventures in my attempt to decrease my dowdynesss

So here I am in the middle of my Gen X 1/3 life crisis. I am an economic casualty, working the crappiest white collar job ever. While I’m hiding out here in the Aspergers-land of number crunching. I may as well attempt to lose all the unemployment weight I gained and maybe even the stress of knowing that the grim reaper of layoffs had me in his scythes weight gain as well.

I did it! I lost 30 pounds! Sure I have 80 to go but its a start.

I decide to treat myself to some NON-PLUS SIZE Victoria’s Secret undies. I guess I’m a size L given that I was an XXL but there are no XLs at the store. Be brave embrace the new you. I get5 pairs of Ls, since 5 pairs cost about the same as one pair.

Well, lo and behold! Size L Vicky’s secret undies are so big that the only thing holding them up is the crouch on my pants. I had to make an emergency run to Macy’s. Bali’s size 6/7 to the rescue! And just in time. I am not the commando type. especially. On my period!