The Grande Dame of Dowdy – practicality

I don’t like the field I am currently stuck in. I don’t like business clothes. This building is also home to the least hottest men on the planet or at least the state. Therefore I have made a practical decision. From now on, I only wear pants with pockets. Old ugly pants that don’t really fit me from the early 2000s. Everything else goes into storage until it is time to care what I look like again. Thankfully, I have located 4 such pants in the archives to go with my collection of $5 t shirts. Industrial Skechers and warm military style blazer. Oddly enough I kind of look like them now. That’s kind of scary.


Today is Denim Friday in Dowdy-land

Demin Friday is more or less what you think it is. It’s not quite “jeans Friday”. It is the only day one can wear denim. No denim skirts, no denim blazers, no denim trousers are allowed on any other day. Rumor has it that the minions were once required to pay a $5 fee (allegedly donated to charity) for the privilege of participating in this noble endeavor.

It’s hot today so I am wearing what could be described as a subtly tie-dyed cotton skirt and fluffy/girly t-shirt and awful low heeled “work” sandals from 1999. I do a lot of 90s recycling here.

As I was walking in, I was extremely jealous. I saw a woman in cut off sweats, a hoodie style t-shirt and wedge flip-flops! I want to wear wedge flip-flops again! VERY BADLY! I would NEVER wear cut off sweats, even though my beloved former place of techtertainment employment had no dress code – although these were oddly neat and well-fitting. However, I am tired of only being able to wear clothes that kind of say “me” on Friday or at least “2013 me with a dash of 1999 still forced to wear business casual me”