Adventures in my attempt to decrease my dowdynesss

So here I am in the middle of my Gen X 1/3 life crisis. I am an economic casualty, working the crappiest white collar job ever. While I’m hiding out here in the Aspergers-land of number crunching. I may as well attempt to lose all the unemployment weight I gained and maybe even the stress of knowing that the grim reaper of layoffs had me in his scythes weight gain as well.

I did it! I lost 30 pounds! Sure I have 80 to go but its a start.

I decide to treat myself to some NON-PLUS SIZE Victoria’s Secret undies. I guess I’m a size L given that I was an XXL but there are no XLs at the store. Be brave embrace the new you. I get5 pairs of Ls, since 5 pairs cost about the same as one pair.

Well, lo and behold! Size L Vicky’s secret undies are so big that the only thing holding them up is the crouch on my pants. I had to make an emergency run to Macy’s. Bali’s size 6/7 to the rescue! And just in time. I am not the commando type. especially. On my period!